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  • Putting Corporate Social Responsibility at the Heart of Mining

    Catharina Nordeman, a speaker at the marcus evans Global Mining Summit 2012, on corporate social responsibility in the mining industry.

    Interview with: Catharina Nordeman, Director EHSQ, Boliden Group, Boliden AB


    “The metals and mining industry has a very large impact on society and the environment, and its image has historically been less than good,” says Catharina Nordeman, Director EHSQ, Boliden Group, Boliden AB. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives need to be integrated into a mining company’s strategy process, and not run in a parallel track. As a mining business becomes more stable and sustainable, CSR work should be extended to its business partners as well, because they also have an impact on their company, Nordeman continues.

    A speaker at the marcus evans Global Mining Summit 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 6-7, Nordeman explores how mining organizations can develop a mindset and culture where people are conscious of the environment, health and safety.

    Why should the metals and mining industry have a stronger focus on CSR?

    Mining organizations have a large impact on society, the environment and its people. If we did not fulfill the environmental requirements, we would not be able to continue with our work.  In some parts of the world, mine companies have conflicts with the local people. For example, the Sami have their reindeers on our land very often, so we maintain a dialogue and ensure our mines do not interfere them.

    Mining companies are not as developed as consumer-oriented businesses, such as the food and textile industries, which had years to grow towards their consumers’ demands.

    We are business-to-business, and the same demands have not been made from us. We have to put them upon ourselves to a larger extent than others and step up to be more in line with them. 

    Why should business partners also be on board? How can mining companies achieve that?

    It is not enough to do CSR work on our own. We need to bring in our business partners, as they also have an impact on our performance and reputation. We started a dialogue with our partners to ensure we are on the same page. We base our demands on the United Nations Global Compact’s ten principles on human rights, labor, the environment and so on. We also added a few that are particular to mining.

    The idea is not to exclude or evaluate business partners on a scale, but to see that the issues are also included in their business plans. If we see a need for them to develop in some parts of the criteria we have set, we motivate them to do so.

    How can a genuine culture of ethical behavior be set up in mining organizations?

    It must come from the top. There needs to be a CSR person in the Group and in the board. All the environmental, health and safety issues have to be integrated into the strategy process. It should not be a separate track running in parallel. Many companies overlook the importance of making these issues a true part of their internal culture.

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